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Sede Legale
Via G. Leopardi, 2 - 20023
Cerro Maggiore (MI)
Uffici e officina
Via Edison, 48 - 48100 Ravenna
Tel. 0544.451021
Fax 0544.456501

The Consortium Cam.Impianti Industrial is born to satisfy the requirements of our cutomers to obtain a multispecialized service with only one referring.

Our customers obtain therefore a reduction all costs like management, problems of subcontract in some works, and attain a guarantee of experience matured from the CamImpianti that work in the petrochemical field, energetic, agroindustrial and papermaking industry since 1997.

Acquired formation allows us to plan and perform highly with means suitable and personal specialized, complex industrial constructions, conforming to the standards and to the specific ones of the company's buyers.

The Consortium Cam.Impianti Industriali is born to supply at the customer a complete service, ordinary maintenance, extraordinary maintenance on the mechanical, electro instrumental and plant engineering fields

We collaborate with studies of engineering to offer executions of job keys in hand. We have a complete workshop of carroponte and equipment for the workmanship of carpentry, heating system and mechanics.

All of our welders are qualified from the institute RINAOMECO and italian institute of the welding.